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Maison Auclert is a jewellery designer located just a few steps away from the Place Vendôme. Maison Auclert’s unique pieces are evocative of history, and for good reason. Its founder, Marc Auclert, creates pieces that are veritable works of art, using antiques that he enhances with contemporary settings.


After many hours spent hunting for treasures in auction houses, Marc Auclert confections novel pieces that give the antiques a second life. He talks enthusiastically about intaglios and cameos, some of the favourite objects of the Maison. These several-centuries-old curiosities immerse us in the mysteries of lost civilisations. Redesigned into contemporary jewellery, the creations imagined by Maison Auclert are a dialogue between past and present.


The concept of ‘Mounted Objects’ was invented by the ingenious artisans of the Renaissance. Goldsmiths, watchmakers and cabinetmakers of the era would take engraved stones, lacquers or porcelains, and create new mountings around them, thus repurposing them into unusual objects for the delectation of their refined and eclectic clientele. Inspired by this audacious and poetic approach, Maison Auclert selects Antique works of art and mounts them as pieces of contemporary jewellery. These Antique works of art have been sourced from a broad range of periods, cultures and continents and still remain intact. They all have one thing in common: they were chosen for their beauty and rarity. Each sober and elegant modern mounting has been designed to showcase their preciousness, colour, patina, symbolism and shape.


Designed to celebrate and enhance the singularity of each Antique work of art, which by nature is original and unparalleled, every piece of jewellery in the Maison Auclert collection is in essence unique and is hand-made by artisans from the best workshops in Paris. Each Antique work of art is respected: no soldering, scratching, permanent gluing, re-piercing or other alteration is permitted during the mounting process. The grandson of an antique dealer, Marc Auclert developed a passion for antique jewellery and objects of curiosity at a young age. He created Maison Auclert after over twenty years spent holding positions of high responsibility in prestigious jewellery firms.