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GSL Gallery

A new venture by award-winning design studio The Guild of Saint Luke, GSL_ GALLERY seeks to elaborate upon its guiding principle of ‘Remastering The Past’ by bringing together contemporary artists and designers who also work according to this way of thinking.

Located in a clandestine former factory in Pantin, its expressed aim is to argue that time-honoured techniques and pro- portions are very much alive and well, and that fresh perspectives in production and presentation can keep traditions alive.

GSL_GALLERY will also collaborate with iconic European ateliers in the creation of limited-edition MASTERWORKSTM, furniture and objects that showcase ancestral savoir-faire in an avant-garde manner. A capsule furniture collection with Orsoni Venezia 1888 will be show- cased at the gallery’s opening exhibition in September 2023, and a remastered ‘Scheherazade’ chandelier by Fortuny will be presented at the 2024 edition of Salone del Mobile in conjunction with the brand.

Channelling the avant-garde spirit of LE SALON DE SEPTEMBRE the original Salon d’Automne of 1903, annual event, showcasing a certain view of the zeitgeist in Fine Art and The Deco- rative Arts. Co-curated by John Whelan and Edgar Jayet, the selection of partic- ipants ranges from established names (François Halard, Daniel Buren, Feau & Cie.) to an exciting crop of up- and- coming designers and artists, chosen for their reverence for the past and their novel interpretation of it.

The scenography elicits a double-take, transporting the visitor back to the early 20th Century, with an antique ebonised vitrine and shelf cornice, above which contemporary works are hung closely together in an almost ramshackle fashion. This tension between old and new, between past and present incarnates the ethos of GSL_GALLERY and by presenting a wide range of talent, it opens up the gallery to a diverse audience.