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Genius Loci

Founded in Paris in 2021 by the curator Marion Vignal, Genius Loci is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting historic architecture and contemporary creation.

Genius Loci spotlights hidden or little-known architectural treasures, offering exceptional opportunities to visit private venues that are normally closed to the public. Allowing these sites to be discovered and more widely known, the organization’s events create a dialogue between architecture and contemporary art and design, revealing each venue’s artistic resonance and revitalizing its intrinsic spirit.

In its experiential exhibitions, Genius Loci strives to bring architecture to life through a sensation-oriented approach, the better to reveal the inner identity of a masterpiece.

Breaking down barriers between artistic genres and building bridges between past and present, heritage and modernity, each exhibition brings together artists from different disciplines – from the visual arts to olfaction, music and digital art.

In 2021 Genius Loci opened the doors of L’Ange Volant, a villa created by the architect-designer Gio Ponti in the Paris suburb of Garches in 1927. In 2022, it invited the public to discover Auguste Perret’s apartment, built by the architect in 1932 on the top floor of his building at 51 Rue Raynouard in Paris. In June 2023, Genius Loci presented works by the emerging artist Samuel Nguyen in a carte blanche exhibition at Les Espaces d’Abraxas in Noisy-le-Grand (east of Paris), built by Ricardo Bofill in 1983. In Paris in October 2023, the exhibition Genius Loci, Benoît Maire at the Ozenfant House, in partnership with Villa Medici, unveiled to the public a Purist structure from the earliest days of the collaboration between Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret.