A highly designed style, a soft ambiance.
While others might compose decors defined by whimsical fur- niture and flamboyant prints, Marika Dru designs serene spaces in which one simply feels good. More concentrated on the interior design than adorning a space, the founder of ATLELIER MKD creates timeless environments intended to last. Her creations, which never give in to the seductions of trends, emanate an apparent and uncomplicated ease. Clean lines, uncluttered volumes, and order tinged with classicism define her approach. A form of minimalism prevails in her elegant conceptions which are never austere, but imbued with lightness, charm and femininity.

White, cream, beige, brown, Marika Dru favours soft palettes that she mixes in subtle cameos. While she plays with chromatic units, the designer favors contrasting materials, juxtaposing marble and cement, terrazzo and wood. She enriches simple materials through graphic and modern ornament; for example, she infuses a neo-art-deco spirit into a vast apartment on Avenue Henri Martin by creating a fluted pattern from room to room. Engraved grooves in the wood of the entrance doors, the kitchen furniture and the marble of the bathrooms create the visual ricochets that give homogeneity and strength to her projects.

Applying this same desire for stylistic coherence, Marika Dru is sometimes guided by a single striking object when considering in the layout of an interior. Michel Boyer’s stainless steel X stool led her to favour metal in her selection of pieces for an apartment on Avenue d’Iéna. She opts for objects with simple shapes that let the materials express themselves : blown glass for globes of lamps diffusing a soft light, lacquers with deep tones, or even enamelled lava. Marika Dru carefully selects furniture with timeless lines. She mixes vintage pieces from Jean Prouvé or Pierre Paulin with the creations of today’s talents such as Stéphane Parmentier. These creations are invariably selected in shades of white, cream and beige tones to harmonize with her serene compositions.